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Avoid the 1-2 week wait time (and high prices) that sending your iPhone to the manufacturer for repair typically entails. We can generally fix your iPhone in under 60 minutes.

For iPhone Repair, Advice, or a Quote Call PHONEBOX in STOKE ON TRENT now on 01782 838153. Or visit us in-store at 215 High Street, Tunstall, Stoke on Trent.


iPhone Screen Replacement/ LCD Replacement : If your iPhone screen is scratched, broken, cracked or shattered or your iPhone LCD displays bleeding, black ink, or is completely black or white, or shows distorted images or colors, you will require a new screen and LCD unit. 

General iPhone Fault Repairs

a) iPhone Buttons Not Working? We can replace the home, side, volume or power buttons.

b) iPhone Sound Not Working? We can replace your iPhone microphone, iPhone ear-piece and iPhone ringer.

c) iPhone Power Not Working? We can replace your Charger Port and/ or your Charger.

d) iPhone Battery Not Working? We can replace your iPhone Battery.

e) iPhone Reception not working? We can replace your iPhone’s Antenna.

f) iPhone Water Damaged? In most cases we can retrieve your data, fix your phone and restore your data. The parts required and the likely outcome are determined when we inspect your iPhone.

g) Lost your iPhones Data? We can generally retrieve your data from your iPhone before fixing your iPhone (which generally restores it to factory settings – IE without your data). We can then reload it to your iPhone as part of our service.

h) iPhone Locked to your Mobile Phone Carrier? We can unlock all iPhones for pretty much every carrier in the world. Contact us to Unlock your Vodafone, O2, Virgin, 3, T Mobile, Orange. Note for unlocking we can process your order over the phone – you need not come in to the PHONEBOX store.

i) iPhone Freezing? We will fix the problem whether it is a hardware or software issue.

j) iPhone Camera not working? We will fix or replace the lens or other optical components as required.

k) Any other iPhone problems? We have generally encountered every conceivable issue you may be experiencing with your iPhone – give us a call for advice on the solution/ parts required.

Beware: Many other companies will offer you 2 prices – One for the ‘original’ Apple parts and another for ‘generic copies’ of Apple parts. Don’t be fooled – we guarantee that Apple and all other leading manufacturers of phones do not in fact supply parts for their products full stop. All the parts we provide you with are of the absolute highest quality possible, we only replace what is needed and we of course only have 1 price as all the parts we use are exactly the same high quality.

For iPhone Repair, Advice, or a Quote Call PHONEBOX in STOKE ON TRENT now on 01782 838153

iPhone Repairs Cost
DeviceScreen RepairTotal Price ( Fitted)All Other Repairs
iPhone 13 pro MaxCompatible ScreenPlease askPlease ask
iPhone 13 proCompatible ScreenPlease askPlease ask
iPhone 13Compatible ScreenPlease askPlease ask
iPhone 12 pro MaxCompatible ScreenPlease askPlease ask
iPhone 12 proCompatible ScreenPlease askPlease ask
iPhone 12Compatible ScreenPlease askPlease ask
iPhone 11 pro MaxCompatible ScreenPlease askPlease ask
iPhone 11Compatible ScreenPlease askPlease ask
iPhone XS MaxCompatible ScreenPlease askPlease ask
iPhone XRCompatible ScreenPlease askPlease ask
iPhone XCompatible ScreenPlease askPlease ask
iPhone 8Compatible ScreenPlease askPlease ask
iPhone 8 PlusCompatible ScreenPlease askPlease ask
iPhone 7Compatible Screen£40Please ask
iPhone 7 PlusCompatible Screen£45Please ask
iPhone 6Compatible Screen£35Please ask
iPhone 6sCompatible Screen£35Please ask
iPhone 6 PlusCompatible Screen£40Please ask
iPhone 6s PlusCompatible Screen£40Please ask
iPhone SECompatible Screen£35Please ask
iPhone 5Compatible Screen£30Please ask
iPhone 5sCompatible Screen£30Please ask
iPhone 5cCompatible Screen£30Please ask
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