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Have you forgotten your security code and can’t get back in to your phone? Security codes are a feature designed to prevent unauthorised access to the phones’ data and therefore are extremely difficult to crack. In most cases if your phone becomes locked and you haven’t previously backed up your data such as contacts, images or messages saved to the phones memory, not the memory card, it is unlikely it will be recovered.


PhoneBox can unlock almost any handset, including Blackberry and iPhone, in under an hour. In rare cases it may take up to a few days if we need to order special codes from a third party. Unfortunately to reset the security lock code in phones it may require using a special flash cable and unlock tool to reload the software and or firmware which may cause the removal of all data in the phone.


Just before you send us your phone you may like to try 0000 or 12345 as they are the default security codes used in most phones. If you have not changed the code from the default you may be lucky and unlock the phone yourself.

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